Mirage: Reconstructed Space


Project Summary:

 Black Contemporary farm serves as an experimental laboratory for ongoing investigation intended to expand our knowledge specific to the study of atmospheric logics. The field station is located at 26107, 530 Avenue, two miles south of Ames, Iowa. Using experiential perceptions as special condition, the project focus on the act of making and curating a series of research assemblies within a dormant seed-drying facility constructed in 1979. This work might be best understood as a peculiar deposit of site adjusted material stagings that indicates the presence of and makes clearly recognizable, its context as referent rather than source or sitting

Mirage is an expression of agriculture landscape of Iowa.  It delineates the seen and unseen energy flow of harvest field.  It is an art installation at Black Heritage Farm which portray our emotions for rural Iowa .

Project Description: 

The sense of spatial and experiential independence has largely associated with the landscape of Iowa. This spatial and unionized form of independence was defined by the economic dependency on market forces, food industry and government policies. Iowa was reinvented in the nineteenth century as a reflection of the rationality of capital production. This resulted in the overlay of a grid system of surveys that indiscriminately subdivided the land subduing its embodied natural and cultural characteristics. Family farms have been consistently mechanizing and increasing production, the demand for more farmland has increased, which resulted in prosperous farmers purchasing production ground from other farmers. This has made the family farmer’s space unstable as it is consistently under market fluctuating demands and trends of government policies. This economic condition has produced spatial and communal instability because it has caused frequent restructuring in the living space. The impact of farming development has been even more apparent, which results into vacant farm sites, along the various roads are a common scene. Black heritage farm is one such quiescent site in which temporary installations being developed which provoke a temporal spatial encounter, fueled by a desire to understand the simultaneous and complex nature of cerebral and corporeal experience.

Mirage is an optical illusion caused by the atmospheric conditions, pertaining to the appearance of a sheet of water on a hot road caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air. The installation is inspired by the same notion within the agriculturally oriented environment in the rural landscapes of Iowa. The arcane ambience and light condition of the bin, creates an optical illusion of desolation. As we explore further the line work expresses the cloaked flows of energy and processes that are central to corn drying bins. By utilizing the muted visual weight and subtle reflective qualities of lines, this plane is concealed upon the introductory approach into the bin and will introduce itself, as the user crosses the threshold into the interior. Aiming for an aura of simplicity, the calibration of the wires and the connection points are essential to the experience evoked.  The indiscernible trait of line work makes the installation vivid and give the bin an idiosyncratic identity. An installation that is more invisible, yet more didactic; an installation that is more silent, yet stentorian.





This Art Installation is done under the guidance of Professor “Peter Goche” from Iowa State University.


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